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Stephan Paetrow (ed.):

Better Vision. Carl Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses 1912 – 2012. Hamburg 2012.


The history of modern eyeglass lenses started back in 1912, the year in which Carl Zeiss presented a revolutionary lens design developed on a sound, scientific basis under the Punktal brand name. For millions of eyeglass wearers, this opened up totally new insights into the visible world. The hitherto unparalleled optical quality of Punktal also helped the Carl Zeiss Eyeglass Lenses division to achieve a breakthrough on the economic front. This book examines the division‘s evolution – from its humble beginnings in Jena to the founding of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, one of the world‘s biggest eyeglass lens manufacturers with almost 10,000 employees. The reader is taken on a journey through the history of eyeglass lenses, during which our understanding of human vision is fundamentally transformed. Numerous innovations testify to the vast amount of technical knowhow incorporated in eyeglass lenses. The book invites the reader to rediscover the world of eyeglass lenses – to see them no longer as everyday objects, but as high-tech products whose evolution is still far from over in the 21st century.
Hardcover. ISBN: 978-3-922857-57-0. Price: 16,90 EUR.



 Sven Tode, Sandra Engel, Beate John (eds.):

175 Years of BORSIG. Technology for a Changing World 1837 – 2012. Hamburg 2012.

A world-famous builder of locomotives, a legendary family business, a gem among companies both in Germany and across the world, a leading innovator, and often close to insolvency: the name Borsig and its 175-year history bring together all this and much more. Having always been affected by political ruptures at home in Germany and the general development of the world economy, Borsig has been on the brink of the abyss more than once, only to return time and time again to the top of its sector in just a few short years.

This book follows the frequently dramatic twists and turns of this great name in German industry,from its beginnings through to the present day. Using a wide range of images, both historical and current, as well as eyewitness accounts from employees and observers alike, the book offers readers deep insights into Borsig development as a company. It is a piece of German corporate history poised between a pioneering technological spirit, economic challenges, and a wealth of personal stories.
Hardcover. ISBN: 978-3-922857-58-7. Price: 29,80 EUR. [The book will be published in December 2012]



Sven Tode, Sandra Engel (eds.): 

The History of Plath 1954-2012. Hamburg 2012.

For more than 50 years now, the name PLATH has been a byword for customer-orientated innovation and the very highest quality standards. This book shows how the company began as a department of C. Plath, a Hamburg maker of nautical equipment steeped in tradition,and how Dr. Maximilian Wächtler, the leading light of German radio direction finding,made it into an independent company in 1954. Using his pioneering inventions and wide networkof contacts, Wächtler would remain the driving force behind technological development at PLATH well into the 1980s. The successful relationship between the staff of PLATH and "their" company is also described, as are the close ties to many loyal customers and the new direction which PLATH took in the 1990s, growing from a manufacturer of single devices into a full systems provider.
Hardcover. ISBN: 978-3-922857-56-3. Price: 12,80 EUR.



Sven Tode, Stephan Paetrow, Sandra Engel (eds.): 

50 years of ALBIS Plastic. Perspectives on Plastics. Hamburg 2011.

ALBIS PLASTIC was founded as a subsidiary of the Hamburg trading house OTTO KRAHN and is one of the largest plastics distributors in Europe today.This book charts its successful 50 year history. Since its founding by the Krahn brothers Wolfgang and Reinhard, the company has consistently developed throughout the years. The move into compounding, the setting up of its numerous subsidiaries abroad and adapting to a new Europe after German reunification as well as overcoming the global financial crisis in 2008/09 are just some of ALBIS PLASTIC’s distinguished achievements.This company history is also one of branch evolution: from a trader to an industry partner and now to an innovator driving the plastics of the future forward.
Hardcover. ISBN: 978-3-922857-52-5. Price: 19,80 EUR.














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